Apr. 12th, 2017

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(This one's not really part of the "Wartime Thoughts" series -- it's simpler old-fashioned politics.)

For those who haven't been following the aftershocks of November: there are a series of special elections happening around now, filling Congressional seats that are currently vacant due to, eg, Cabinet appointments. And they are getting terribly interesting.

A couple of days ago, the Republican running in the Kansas 4th managed to win his election -- by seven points. This is Kansas we're talking about here, mind. Nobody expected the Democratic candidate to win -- but the spread was 20 points, and the pre-election calculations were that if the Republicans won by anything less than 20, it was a Very Good Sign for Democratic prospects in 2018. A 7-point differential was closer than pretty much anybody's wildest dreams. (The day before, the members of 538's weekly podcast put their guesses at anywhere from a 9 to 16 point differential.)

Now, the Georgia 6th is a toss-up. Seriously: the Democrats have a solid shot of winning a House seat in Georgia.

Yes, it's just one seat, and it's not going to tip the scales in any immediate way. But much of politics is about momentum, and it's time to make clear to the Republican Congress just how unhappy the country is with them. They're not going to listen to us unless they start losing elections, so it's time to start making that happen.

So -- if you're down there, you might want to help with the get-out-the-vote effort. And if you're not, but want to support the project, you might consider donating a few bucks to the Ossoff campaign.

It's time to start scaring the snot out of the Republican Congress. This seems like a lovely step in that direction...

ETA: while I think of it, a NB -- this is a political campaign, and they will start sending you emails if you donate. There are unsubscribe links at the bottom of those, but don't be surprised. (This is why I'm fond of using burner email addresses for things like this.)

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For those who knew Jane: given the kerfluffle around LiveJournal, [personal profile] keshwyn suggested to me that I should make sure there is a copy of her journal over here. That got stymied by the fact that I don't know her DreamWidth password (she had a mostly-empty account here, but the password isn't any of her usual ones), and getting it changed isn't simple at this point. So I eventually just created a memorial account for her. (Fortunately, I do have her LJ password.)

So -- you can now find msmemory's LiveJournal copied over to here, as [personal profile] msmemory_archive -- pass it on if you know folks who would care...

ETA: before clicking over there, please remember that it's in standard reverse-chronological order, so the depressing stuff at the end is on top. Take due notice thereof, and govern yourselves accordingly...

ETA2: oh, right -- unlike my journal, a lot of hers was locked, and those access permissions are only granted automatically if you've claimed your LJ OpenID here. (In practice, I only see 8 accounts that currently have access.) So if you don't see the locked entries in [personal profile] msmemory_archive and you had locked access on LJ, subscribe to it and I'll add your DW account to the access list. (Assuming you have the same handle here as there.)


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