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TL;DR: info about Querki releases has moved to the new Querki News Space. There's cool new stuff there.

Some of you may have noticed that the Querki Development Journal has fallen silent. That mostly has to do with LiveJournal: under the circumstances, keeping Querki's news outlet on LJ seems less and less useful, so I've basically abandoned it.

That doesn't mean Querki has stopped moving forward, though -- far from it. I've picked up a dayjob with a small consultancy; this has the downside that I have somewhat less time to focus on Querki, but the upside that Kate is no longer stressed about my lack of salary. The boss and I have an agreement that he's paying somewhat less than my usual rate, in exchange for which I'm not taking as much of a leadership role as I usually do; that's specifically so that I can continue on Querki, which is getting disconcertingly close to the point I originally defined as "done enough".

There are a few major features left, and one of them was introduced a few weeks ago: Publications. This has been on the roadmap almost from the beginning, originally named "What's New" -- basically the notion that there should be a formal concept of declaring new stuff in the Space, and pushing that to RSS, a Recent Changes page, and so on. We're finally getting to one of the long-time dreams for Querki: the ability to create structured blog-like-entities in Querki, so that your Cookbook or Songbook or FAQ or whatever can be subscribed to, and folks can see what's new there automatically.

Anyway, what used to be the Querki Development Journal has now become the Querki News -- actually running in Querki, which makes me ever so happy. (Dogfooding is a way of life for Querki.) For the time being, I'll mention here when there are announcements there; before long, it will have its own feed on Dreamwidth. You can find the announcement of Publications there and even more info in the documentation.

Up next: Publication Spaces will gain real RSS feeds! And not long after that, we begin to open up Conversations and Comments to the public, so that Querki can be seriously used for blog-like-entities...

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