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Oct. 16th, 2017 09:15 pm
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Weeks are going by in a blur of exhaustion, and any time I get to myself at the end of the day is interrupted by a kid that doesn't want to go to bed. I keep failing to write. Especially when I have anything interesting to say.

My cousin Amy's wedding was the weekend before last. My parents and Melissa were in town for that. Melissa had another wedding to attend in Boston this past weekend, so she stayed the week with us. Melissa was very helpful in looking after Eris, and it was a very pleasant visit.

Work is very busy, still trying to pick apart a thorny customer issue with a lot of annoying edge-case behavior.

Weather was very warm surprisingly late into October this year, but it's finally starting to get chilly.

Eristic improvements: Eating yogurt with a regular bowl and spoon unassisted, refusing to wear a bib.


Oct. 16th, 2017 03:57 pm
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One of the surprisingly large number of biopics opening this month is "Breathe," based on the lives of Robin and Diana Cavendish. After getting polio in his late 20s, in 1958, Robin was paralyzed from the neck down, using a mechanical ventilator to breathe. Among other things, the Cavendishes worked with Teddy Hall to invent a wheelchair with a respirator, the first of its kind. The movie hasn't gotten great reviews in general, but it is the latest movie prompting annoyance, at least, from disabled people who think that non-disabled actors (in this case Andrew Garfield) should not be given the role instead of a disabled actor. Another film currently in some theaters is "Stronger," in which Jake Gyllenhaal plays Jeff Bauman, in the story of Bauman's wounding and rehab during/after the Boston Marathon bombing. Bauman has supported JG's casting, and worked with the cast and crew of the film. My general casting opinion is that anybody should play any role in a live theatrical production (color, gender, age, whatever). For movies and TV, though, I think the characters should be portrayed by people who match their salient characteristics as much as possible. For better or for worse, people believe what they see on film (digits), and I think an effort should be made to get it right. I am glad that the kid who plays JJ on "Speechless" actually is someone with Cerebral Palsy (as the character is), even though he is not quite the same - as one might gather from the title, JJ can't talk, but actor Micah Fowler can. Things have improved since 1989, when "My Left Foot" (also about a person with CP) came out. Daniel Day Lewis won an Oscar for playing the adult Christy Brown (Hugh O'Conor, who played his as a child, didn't get any awards that I know of). I don't think anybody tried to find an actor with CP in that case, but nearly thirty years have passed. I have some sympathy with casting a non-disabled person in the case of before and after stories - the other option would be casting a disabled person for the after part and doing a lot of CGI stuff for before. But when it is someone who has always been in a wheelchair/used a ventilator/been blind/whatever, a genuine effort should be made to find an actor with the features of the character. Something that is interesting is that as far as I recall, characters with Down Syndrome always are played by actors with DS. There is the weird example of "Glee," in which case the characters with DS were played by actors with DS, but the character who was paraplegic, using a wheelchair, was played by a non-disabled actor. Inconsistent, and confusing.


Oct. 16th, 2017 06:52 am
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We attended an awesome concert yesterday afternoon: the 8 men of Capella Pratensis, singing a Pierre de la Rue mass interspersed with other related Marian stuff as might have been heard by Hieronymus Bosch at the chapel of his confraternity (of which Pierre de la Rue and Petrus Alamire were also members). They perform from original notation, all standing together and reading from a single large choirbook as depicted in the 15th-century illustrations, and this practice adds an interesting edge of intensity: more camaraderie, more risk, more interaction. And the voices were absolutely spot-on.


Oct. 16th, 2017 05:24 am
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"One week after Jeff Sessions changed DOJ policy by refusing to protect transgender people under Title VII and launched a sweeping license to discriminate against LGBTQ people, he's seeking credit for prosecuting a hate crime? We believe Americans deserve an Attorney General willing to address systemic discrimination and enforce policies and laws that prevent hate violence in the first plac

-- Sarah Warbelow, Human Rights Campaign Legal Director, 2017-10-15


Oct. 16th, 2017 12:09 am
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Typing passwords from muscle memory with an injured finger sucks. It's a little like remembering a tune from its fingering on one instrument while playing it on a different instrument, but mistakes are physically painful instead of aurally. (And no, I have no idea what I did to the finger, just that even light pressure to the fingertip causes electric-feeling pain to shoot up my arm and moderate pressure makes the pain go all the way to my chest. No visible signs and I didn't have a violent mishap. Strange.)

Failed crosspost

Oct. 15th, 2017 10:54 pm
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I don't know why On The Naming of Cats (and other Things) didn't crosspost properly and I'm too fucking tired to chase it down.
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A few weeks ago I wrote about a Stack Exchange design change that made the site much harder for me to use. I wrote a post about it that got a lot of attention -- which led to a meeting invitation from the relevant product manager. We had a very productive conversation, after which they fixed the main problems I reported (and one that came up during our meeting). Woot! Calm-but-firm user feedback works sometimes.

The meeting was supposed to include one of the designers, but time zones are hard. The product manager and I spent the better part of an hour talking about the design, use cases, the need for responsive design, vision problems, and so on. Through screen-sharing, I showed him what things were problems for me, what I was using user scripts or CSS overrides to get around (but I can't do that on my tablet), what I was just having to put up with, and what site functions I was just ignoring because they're too hard now. While it's not about the top bar (the specific UI change that led to this meeting), I pointed out a problem that basically means I can't do some key moderation tasks on any mobile device. (No word yet on whether they're going to fix that.) Along the way we bumped into a couple things where, apparently, normal people see some color differentiation that I couldn't see, and he said they'd work on that. He shared some of their then-future plans for the top bar and asked for feedback. He said they are trying to move to responsive design, which will make a lot of things better, but we both know that's a big change for a site that wasn't designed that way from the start.

This UI change has been quite contentious among the larger user community. Some users are, sadly, being quite rude about it. I'm glad that, against that backdrop, someone was willing to take the time to try to understand and address the problems I was facing with the new design. I'm one of about 15 million users and about 500 moderators, and nonetheless I was worth a few hours of somebody's time. Courtesy of course matters, but even with courtesy I'm usually brushed off, not engaged, when part of a large user base somewhere.

This is actually my fourth* significant meeting (not email, not site chat, but synchronous meeting) with SE employees -- two community managers, one VP (escalating a problem), and now this product manager. All have left me feeling that the employees in question really cared about me as a user and moderator, and most of them resulted in my problems being fixed. I'm pretty impressed.

* I was also interviewed by a member of the design team for the now-ended Documentation product, I think because of this post I wrote about some planned changes there. That was them doing user research (for which they paid me), not me bringing something to them.

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So this weekend I participated in Theatre@First's 24-hour play festival, where I wrote a script to be rehearsed by a director and actor team for a charity performance raising funds to donate to hurricane relief. I always wanted to try something like that, so I was delighted to be asked to participate!

Here is the script I wrote. I banged this out in a few hours the night before the festival, so it is... rough. I present it here in its original, unedited form. It's wordy, as my first drafts often are, and the ending is a little draggy. But I focused on making it funny, and that I think I managed. I was pretty happy with how it came out for something banged together in twenty-four hours, particularly with how the awesome actors managed to get off book between 8am and 8pm!

Love is Dead, or You Can't Spell Necromancer without Romance )

Pet bunny found, Hodgkins-Curtis park

Oct. 15th, 2017 12:15 pm
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Hey folks, be on the lookout for people searching for their pet bun. This is definitely not one of the wild locals, it's an intahlopah.

I have a confession to make

Oct. 15th, 2017 09:06 am
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I sign up for online things. Mostly contests. I know I'm not going to win, but who couldn't use a thousand bucks of new camera gear, or a few thousand toward a vacation someplace I'd actually want to go. Mostly these things are gimmicks to get you to sign up for various newsletters. Usually a glance at one or two of them and unsubscribe. Once in a while I find interesting things, like this...

I have no idea how I got on Topic's mailing list, nor did they say anything about short stories but this is a cool series of five short films with a definite F/SF twist. They're a little Twilight Zone-ish in the 'what would you do if this very weird thing actually happened?' way, but they're more humorous/ironic than TZ ever was. Chalk it up to 21st century sensibilities, I guess.

Watch the films at least - it's worth your time. I haven't read any of the other contents yet; if you do, let me know what you think.
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Posted by East Kingdom Gazette

En français

Their Royal Majesties Tsar Ivan and Tsaritsa Matilde wish to make it known that They will consider recommendations for inclusion on Their second polling through Sunday October 22, 2017.

Please remember that you need not be a member of any order to recommend someone you consider deserving. If you know someone you feel strongly about, there is an easy online form you can fill out to submit them for consideration.

Need more information about the East Kingdom awards polling process? This article gives a good overview. Need to find out whether or not someone has the award you are considering? Look them up in the Order of Precedence.

Brennan mac Fearghus
Awards Coordinator

En français – traduit par Behi Kirsa Oyutai

Leurs Royales Majestés le Tsar Ivan et la Tsarina Matilde souhaitent faire connaître Leur intention de considérer les recommendations pour l’inclusion dans leur deuxième période de consultation, jusqu’au dimanche 22 octobre 2017.

Rappelez-vous que vous n’avez pas besoin d’être membre d’un ordre proposé afin de recommender une personne que vous jugez méritoire. Si vous connaissez une telle personne, il suffit de remplir un formulaire simple afin de la proposer.

Besoin de plus d’informations au sujet du processus de consultation ou des reconnaissances du Royaume de l’Est ? Cet article vous procurera une bonne vue d’ensemble. Besoin de savoir si une personne possède déjà la reconnaissance pour laquelle vous la considérez ? Vérifiez son Ordre de Préséance.

Brennan mac Fearghus
Awards Coordinator

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Oct. 15th, 2017 05:24 am
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From the Quotation of the day mailing list, 2014-02-26:

"The late John Greenwood, Q.C, who served as Ontario's Assistant Deputy Attorney General in the late 1970s, had a signature line he used to deliver with a straight face. "Anybody can convict the guilty,' he'd say to visitors to his office, "the trick is to convict the innocent.' People laughed uneasily, sensing it may not be entirely a joke."

-- George Jonas, writing about John Greenwood in the National Post.


(submitted to the mailing list by Z.D. Hora)

Sunday troll mode on

Oct. 15th, 2017 09:43 am
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Competitive programming to software development is like competitive digging with spades and picks to building and maintaining tunnels :)

FastParse 1.0: Past, Present & Future

Oct. 14th, 2017 12:00 am
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Fastparse is a Scala library for parsing strings and bytes into structured data. This lets you easily write a parser for any arbitrary textual data formats (e.g. program source code, JSON, ...) and have the parsers run at an acceptable speed, with great error debuggability and error reporting.

This post goes over the history and motivations of Fastparse, and what to expect with the project's recent 1.0.0 release.

The nightmare of Obamacare

Oct. 14th, 2017 05:01 pm
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The "President" has repeatedly promised the American people that "relief is on the way from the nightmare of Obamacare". Of course, every law has winners and losers, so let's figure out exactly who is suffering from this nightmare.

The majority of Americans get comprehensive health insurance through their employers. They're scarcely affected by Obamacare at all, except that now their kids can stay on their insurance until age 26, and they don't need to worry about lifetime limits on insurance payouts. Their premiums have gone up slightly since Obamacare, at roughly the same rate they were rising before Obamacare, so that's a wash. Slight winner.

Americans who are poor enough to be on Medicaid have gotten much better access to health care than before, if they live in states that accepted Obamacare's free Federal money to expand Medicaid. Big winner.
If they live in states whose legislature and/or governor turned down billions of Federal dollars that would directly benefit their poorest citizens in order to make a political point, they're no better or worse off than before. Neutral.

Americans who are not quite poor enough to be on Medicaid, but poor enough to get substantial Federal insurance subsidies, have gotten much better access to health care than before, for a price they can afford. Big winner.

Americans with chronic, expensive, pre-existing conditions, regardless of income level, have been able to get insurance (at a substantial, but not exorbitant, price) that in many cases they couldn't buy at all before. They're required to buy insurance now, but that's no loss because before Obamacare, they desperately wanted insurance and couldn't get it. And now they don't need to worry about lifetime limits on insurance payouts. Big winner.

Americans who are not poor enough to get substantial Federal insurance subsidies, but were buying comprehensive individual insurance before, now have more guarantees about what's covered in that insurance, and they don't need to worry about lifetime limits. Their premiums have gone up since Obamacare, probably at about the same rate that they were going up before. Slight winner.

Americans who are not poor enough to get substantial Federal insurance subsidies, but are also young enough and healthy enough that they're willing to go without health insurance (or with only-catastrophic health insurance), are now required to buy health insurance, at a substantial but not exorbitant price, or face a several-hundred-dollar-per-year tax surcharge. Slight loser.

Ideological small-government Republican politicians are terrified that if a Federal government program is seen to be competently helping ordinary people, the American people might get the impression that government can (a) be competent, and (b) help them, and might ask it to do so again. That's the nightmare scenario, and these are the real losers.
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Posted by East Kingdom Gazette

Thus it was on the 7th day of October, AS 52, was made the 100th Crown of the Kingdom of the East.

Mercedes presents the crown to Ivan. Photo by Brendan Crane

King Ioannes and Queen Ro Honig relinquished their crowns to the East Kingdom Seneschal, Mistress Mercedes Vera de Califia. She held a brief court as regent, after which she called the Prince of Tir Mara to attend her.

Brigantia announced, “Oyez! Oyez! Now comes before you Ivan Ivanov Syn Dimitriov Vynuk Tzardikov, Prince of Tir Mara and heir to the crown of the East!”

Music began, and Prince Ivan processed forward, under a four-post canopy. Ivan presented himself to the Regent.

Mercedes presented the crown to Ivan, and said, “As Seneschal and Regent of the East, I recognize your right to the crown. Please take this from my hands, and take unto yourself the mantle of authority it represents.”

The Prince took up the crown, and turned to face the populace. He held the crown aloft, then said, “By my own hand, as victor in spring Crown tournament, I take my place as Tsar of the East.” He thus placed the crown upon his head.

Brigantia declared, “Presenting his Majesty, Ivan Rex, Tsar of the East!” Vivants followed.

The King’s Armored Champion cried, “Long Live the King!” The populace responded in kind.

Mathilde escorted by her sons. Photo by Brendan CraneBrigantia announced, “His Majesty welcomes before him Her Highness, Matilde DeCadenet, Princess of Tir Mara!”

Music began.

Mathilde processed to the dais. She was escorted up the stairs by her sons. Tsar Ivan took off his crown, and placed it upon the Princess’ head.

Ivan crowns Mathilde Photo by Cateline La Broderesse

Tsar Ivan said, “It is with gladness in my heart that you stand by my side this day. As I have crowned myself King by my own hand, I crown you Queen of all these lands.” The Tsar removed the crown, placed it back upon his head, then placed the crown of the Tsaritsa upon her head.

Brigantia declared, “Presenting Her Majesty, Mathilde Regina, Tsaritsa of the East!” Vivants followed.

The Queen’s Armored Champion cried, “Long Live the Queen!” The populace responded in kind.

The Greater Officers of State were called in to swear fealty individually. Their Majesties recognized their new Webminister, in addition to receiving his fealty.

Water is Life. Water from the sea of the West. Photo by Brendan CraneFollowing ancient Kingdom tradition, The Tsar and Tsaritsa turned and knelt before Brigantia. Brigantia said, “These are the waters from the Bay of the Mists, from the Kingdom of the West. Water is life, and as the West was the birthplace of our society, we anoint our new king and queen as a symbol of rebirth and a new reign with this water.” They were anointed with the waters from the West Kingdom’s bay.

Brigantia placed a vessel before the Tsar and Tsaritsa. Brigantia declared, “This dirt is from the grounds where the first tournament in our society was held. Do you swear upon this hallowed earth that you will lead our Kingdom with justice, honor, and glory, in peace or in war?” The Tsar and Tsaritsa replied, “We do.”

They arose, and stood before the thrones. “Long Live the Tsar! Long Live the Tsaritsa! Long Live the Kingdom of the East!” called Bringantia. The populace responded in kind. Their Majesties retook their thrones.

The Viceroy and Vicerine of Ostgardr and Landed Barons and Baronesses were called to swear fealty individually. Their Majesties heard and accepted their oaths.

Court was suspended.

As the Tsar and Tsaring recessed, the Roll of Kings was read by ten Royal Peers. Their Majesties sat in state for 90 minutes during the afternoon. Following this, they held their first full court.

Tsaritsa Mathilde called into court Vachir Artslanjin, and named him Captain of her guard. The rest of the guard was assembled, and presented with baldrics.

Newest Count and Countess of the East. Photo by Cateline La BroderesseNext were Ioannes Aurelius Serpentius and Ro Honig von Summerfeldt called into court. For their service as King and Queen of the East, they were made a Count and Countess, Ioannes receiving a heavy mosaic created by Christiana Crane, with words by Nicol mac Donnachaidh, and Latin translations and Rome consultation by Tiberius Julius Rufus Primus; Ro Honig received a scroll created by Kayleigh McWhyte.

Next was the Order of the Rose called to attend court. Many spoke of Ro Honig’s qualities, and she was made a companion of the Order of the Rose. She received a mantle, and a scroll by Vettorio Antonello.

The running of the children. Photo by Cateline La Broderesse

The Children of the East were invited to attend Their Majesties. Tsar Ivan invited Duke Omega to take up the toybox, and the children gave chase to the merriment of all.

Next was Dobby…sorry, no…Dietrich Schwelgengräber called into court. He received a sock, and was set free.

Mercedes Vera de Califia is released from her duties as Kingdom seneschal. Photo by Cateline La BroderesseTsar Ivan and Tsaritsa Mathilde called into their court Mercedes Vera de Califia. They presented her with a sock, and released her from her duty as Kingdom Seneschal.

Their Majesties called before them Katherine Barr. They named her East Kingdom Seneschal, and received her fealty.

The Rapier Melee Champions team were called into court. They offered to Their Majesties their service in any upcoming combat situation.

Her Majesty Mathilde called into court Reinhart Basarab Draculesti. She presented him with her own glove, making him a companion of the Queen’s Order of Courtesy.

Brochmail de Anglespur was called into court. His lady, Aislinn Chiabach, received on his behalf a Queen’s Award of Esteem token.

All those attending their First, Second or Third event were called into court, and presented tokens and thanks for joining the Society.

Their Majesties invited into their court Aine O’Muirghesan. She presented herself as an Ambassador from the Kingdom of Æthelmearc, and gave numerous gifts to the Tsar and Tsaritsa.

Their Majesties called into their court the Order of the Pelican. Noting the order was incomplete, they invited before them Joel of Vestfell. He received a writ to sit vigil at a later date, and a scroll with calligraphy and illumination Faolán an Sccreccain and words by The Anchoress of Ayntre.

The Tsar and Tsaritsa invited into their court Mýrún Leifsdóttir. Recognizing her scribal talents, they called the Order of the Silver Brooch to attend. Mýrún was made a companion of the order, receiving a medallion and a scroll by Tola knitýr.

Margretha La Fauvelle is given a writ for induction into the order of the Laurel. Photo by Cateline La BroderesseMargretha La Fauvelle was called to attend the court of Their Majesties. Citing her musicianship, they invited the Order of the Laurel to attend. Margretha was presented with a writ to sit vigil at a later date, with a scroll by Eloise of Coulter.

Their Majesties called into their court Doucette de Verdun. Noting his skill at the equestrian arts, they called forth the companions of the Order of the Golden Lance. Doucette was presented with a medallion, and a scroll by Katherine Stanhope.

Viktor Dominik is given a writ for the Order of Chivalry. Photo by Brendan CraneThe Tsar and Tsaritsa called for the companions of the Order of Chivalry. The order being incomplete, they welcomed into their court Viktor Dominik. Viktor received a writ to sit vigil at a later event, with a scroll by Jonathan Blaecstan with words by Theodora Brysennissa, called Treannah.

Their Majesties thanked the populace for attending their coronation, and thus closed their first court.

Long live the Tsar! Long live the Tsaritsa! Long live the Kingdom of the East!

YIS, Malcolm Bowman, Brigantia Principal Herald

PS – Thank you to the heraldic staff – Rowen Cloteworthy, Maria von Ossenheim, Kirsa Oyutai, and Marian Kirkpatrick

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Oct. 14th, 2017 05:24 am
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If I had a "dollar" for every time I saw someone use quotes for emphasis -- Rex Morgan (@rexm), 2017-09-18 (reacting to this sign, but I'm sure y'all pictured several other examples from memory already)


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