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I just got this email from Norton:

Hello Norton Customer,

We are sad you decided to stop receiving helpful tips & tricks, security reports, insightful newsletter articles and great discounts. Everybody else that has signed up is benefiting from these great emails.

So why not sign up today? We will not contact you often and you can unsubscribe at any time. If that still does not convince you, maybe our furry friend will.

Yes, it is accompanied by a big picture of a sad-eyed dog.

Seriously, what kind of moron thinks this is a good idea? If I said that I don't want you spamming me, then sending me an email trying to guilt-trip me about that is just going to make me angry.

It's enough to make me seriously consider dropping their products entirely -- not as if there isn't competition in that marketplace. Idiots...

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Date: 2017-08-02 05:19 pm (UTC)
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Ugh. "Emotional design" is so annoying. Shutting down FB, it was like "THESE SIX PEOPLE WILL MIIIIIIISS YOU" and, yeah, I get it, and it's such a dark pattern.

Also, for iconoclasts like us, I feel it works in the other direction. "Well, then I'm going to definitely avoid whatever the fuck is trying to manipulate me like this."

But UX(ish) people get pressured to design this interface by the corporate fearmongers. So send Norton an email and tell them to knock it off. Or cancel and then send the email. Then that UX designer can say, "hey, this isn't working, and is in fact hurting."


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